Commercial and Residential Paving Solutions in Smithfield VA

Smithfield Paving Contractors provides long-term paving solutions that support your commercial and residential property. Without quality asphalt solutions, your reputation as a business owner could be negatively affected. Our asphalt paving services are a great way to maximize your asphalt and improve your investment as well. If you are looking for either a residential or commercial paving company in Smithfield VA, reach out to us today. For long-lasting results for your asphalt, you can rely on us.

High Quality Parking Lot Paving

Whether you are a member of a Homeowner’s Association or if you are a commercial property owner, our parking lot paving solutions are ideal for you. Our asphalt parking lot paving services are designed for your business. From maintenance, repairs, and installations you can count on Smithfield Paving Contractors for lasting results.

Resurfacing for Your Asphalt

Resurfacing is a great way to improve the quality of worn down asphalt without paying for repaving solutions. Our paving contractors take a thorough approach to resurfacing your asphalt. From analyzing the dimensions to cleaning up the job site, you’ll like the way we work.


Repairing asphalt is what we do best. If you have noticeable breaks, cracks, and damage on your asphalt, then it could be time to reach out to a paving company like ours. If you have a build-up in damage to your asphalt, you can rely on us to quickly repair your property.

For more information about our commercial and residential paving solutions, including tar and chip paving as well as asphalt, give us a call and get your free estimate today.

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Professional Parking Lot Asphalt Paving Services in Smithfield VA

If you don’t take care of your parking lot’s asphalt, you will have to pay much more to have it repaved or taken care of down the line. At Smithfield Paving Contractors, we help you avoid issues with your asphalt and liabilities they could cause, with professional asphalt services. We have helped many commercial parking lot paving clients throughout Smithfield, and we would be happy to improve your property as well. Safety, competitive pricing, and reliability are our focus. Some of our parking lot paving services include the following.

Fast & Friendly Parking Lot Maintenance

Parking lot maintenance is important if you want to avoid costly repairs. Our paving contractors can handle everything from cleaning debris off the top layer of your asphalt to letting you know when it is time for more serious maintenance service. You can count on us for reliable maintenance services.

Resurfacing Parking Lots

Resurfacing is a service we provide when needed for our commercial paving clients. Resurfacing is a better alternative to repaving your property since it saves you money and time. If your parking lot’s asphalt is aging or if it requires more in-depth repairs, we have the right solution for you.

Parking Lot Repairs You Can Count On

Of course, we also specialize in parking lot repairs. Overtime, liquid asphalt begins to lose its resistance to water. As that happens, your asphalt can fall victim to a variety of damage. Typically signs of deterioration include pot holes, cracks, and buckled areas. We repair these issues preventing liability on your part. Turn to us for parking lot repairs you can trust.

Parking Lot Sealcoating Solutions

In addition to the aforementioned, we also provide asphalt parking lot sealcoating solutions. Improving the appearance of your asphalt is a primary concern for our team. If you want the lifespan of your property to increase, then you need to consider our services. Sealcoating beautifies your asphalt and protects it from damage caused by chemicals, traffic, and UV rays. Give us a call for a free sealcoating estimate.

Call Smithfield Paving Contractors for any and all parking lot asphalt paving services in the Smithfield VA area. We want to be your go-to paving specialist. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Our Residential Paving Services in Smithfield VA

For residential clients, we offer a wide array of driveway paving solution. Our professional paving contractors know how to deliver exceptional driveway asphalt services you can count on. For years we have consistently provided our residential clients with reliable paving solutions. Regardless if you’re looking to improve your driveway or if you need assistance installing a brand new one, we can help. We use traditional methods and premium asphalt mixes to give your property the perfect sheen. Enhance your home and your investment, with our residential paving services.

Driveway Installations

Installing a brand-new driveway is often overwhelming and costly. However, at Smithfield Paving Contractors, our approach to driveway installation is straightforward and simple. We strive to take up as little of your time and space as possible while delivering a premium installation. Give us a call to receive a free estimate.

Driveway Resurfacing

Overtime, your asphalt will age, leaving behind noticeable cracks and potholes. By investing in resurfacing solutions, you can avoid the high costs of repaving your driveway while enjoying long-lasting results. Let us put a fresh layer of asphalt on top of your outdated one and experience the results.

Full-Service Driveway Maintenance

From cleaning off debris to providing high quality driveway repairs and sealcoating that prevents more serious damage, our asphalt driveway services are reliable and trustworthy. Make your driveway a focal point of your entry way for years to come with our driveway maintenance solutions.

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